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"Can you ... ?" Yes. "Also ... ?" Yes! When you value your time / business as much as I value yours? Then the best free advice I can give you to save yourself time and frustration? Is to book me ASAP, to show me your problem, instead of trying to explain IT to me through Skype / Social Media chat. As I can literally solve your problem before you've finished explaining it to me. BUT ...

… and thus most people first try-out the cheap way. My experience of the past 22+ years has proven time and time again, that almost everybody can design a pretty website thanks to WordPress and free template based design. However … SEO, sitespeed, proper responsives, and security (to prevent from getting hacked); is a different matter altogether. And I am done with fixing the aftermath of the “told you so”-facor. Which is both bad and good news. The bad news: I am no longer provide commercial outsourcing services in 2019. The good news: I might make exceptions. But as I no longer have a company, and doing these type of projects next to a full-time job; I do accept giftcards from Bol.com (online NL/Dutch retailer), Apple iTunes / App Store prepaid credit, Amazon Gift Cards, or donations through Patreon.com/rhyker2u. Like to know more with how I can help your specific problem or challenge? Contact me here (support form) and make me an offer I cannot refuse.

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